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Damir Ribaric (drib) professional and personal blog about programming, cycling and photography.

I have been passionate about programming since early childhood. It started in early 80’s on Spectrum ZX 48k, followed by Amiga 500 and then on PC (DOS, Windows and Linux). During that time I used Basic, Pascal, Lisp and C, to name a few. I become proficient in C++ developing multiplatform MS Windows and X Window System applications. I developed Biometric identification system and co-authored “A multimodal biometric-based user-identification system for internet use” published in IEE Proceedings “Vision, Image & Signal Processing ” Vol. 150, No. 6, December 2003.

Eleven (or little bit more) years ago I become very interested in web and made a career switch. Now I program mostly in PHP, Javascript and SQL.  After 11 amazing years in Nivas (digital agency based in Zagreb, Croatia) I joined Foreo and then Trikoder (working on Croatian largest online marketplace Njuškalo).  Currently I am self employed. 🙂

Also, I am a passionate cyclist, sometimes it feels like cycling is more natural than walking. 🙂 On weekends you can find me on the local mountain (Medvednica). I regular commute to work on my old trusted Kona single speed. Occasionally I cross to the dark side – road cycling!

Also, I worked on a Bicycle Discounts – shopping directory for bicycle related products on  sale. So instead of visiting many bicycle web shops in search for a killer deals – you can find them there.

Recently photography become a hobby. Actually, most header photos in this blog are mine. 😀

If you want to contact me to have a chat or offer cooperation on interesting projects – please visit contact page or write to info@drib.tech.