Dynamically change Facebook open graph meta data with JavaScript Share different text and images for the same url

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This article is updated to reflect changes in the Facebook API as of July 17, 2017. and for API version 2.9+ .

This article is updated again on 27.06.2018. in order to fix small image size problem.
Thanks to all followers who reported this problem. It took some experimenting, but the solution is simple, just replace action_type: 'og.shares' with action_type: 'og.likes'. The small downside of this method is the sentence “John Doe likes an object on drib” which appears near the top of the share dialog and on the top of shared content on the user wall (see the images in this article).

Update 17.01.2019.  Jansson and Angelica Ponferrada discovered that the size of shared image also depends on the app category. When app is in the category games – shared image will be small, but if the app is in the category, for example, education or business and pages it will be displayed correctly. Check their original comments under the article. Thank you! 🙂

Update  30.04.2019. This method is not working any more. When and if I discover how to dynamically override og meta data the solution will be posted here.



Basic knowledge of JavaScript and familiarity with Facebook open graph (og ) meta data is required. It is assumed that you have, or know how to obtain Facebook application id (if not, please checkout: developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register ).


In most situation Facebook open graph (og) meta tags will be filled while a page is being generated – before it is served to the browser. But there are situation where you want to change data to be shared dynamically with JavaScript, after the page has been served to the browser.

For example, you are creating a quiz and you want to enable the players to share their result on the Facebook, while at the same time linking the shared content to the beginning of the quiz – so that player’s friends could start playing the quiz right away.

One way to accomplish this is to use JavaScript to change data to be shared (title, description and image) while leaving the original quiz url unchanged. Actually, you want or need possibility to share different text and images for the same url.


The quiz might have this og meta data tags:

But after the quiz has finished you want the player (lets call him George L.) to share something like this:

title: “George L. is the Yoda of the Star Trek!”
description: “George L. is the champion of the Star Trek geekhood – and nobody can beat him. Or … ? Click to play and prove to the George L. that you are as good as him!”
image: Some custom image to celebrate the player success.

Add this JavaScript somewhere between <head></head> to include Facebook JavaScript SDK:

Note: Enter your appId instead of 124285848214697 .

To display share dialogue with dynamically overridden title, description and image use this js code (action_type: ‘og.shares’ was replaced by action_type: ‘og.likes’):

To see the code in the action follow this link: quiz.html (feel free to view the source or scroll to the end of the article).

When you share this link: drib.tech/fbsharetest/quiz.html default og:meta data will be displayed:


If you answer correctly this data will be displayed (although we are sharing the same url as above):

If your answer is wrong, this data will be displayed (although we are sharing the same url as above):

Note: When displayed in the dialogue it seems that image size is not correct, (note the white border on the right). But when shared on the wall – everything is fine:


Old way to override og:meta data stopped working on July 17, 2017. But fortunately it is simple to replace this:

with the new API call as described above. For more info check: developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/reference/feed-dialog .

Full example

(action_type: ‘og.shares’ was replaced by action_type: ‘og.likes’)

Or view source of this working example: quiz.html.



  1. Thank you for shareOverrideOGMeta function. This save my life!!!

    • Hi Brian, thank you for the feedback. I am glad that you found the article useful. Blogs and stack overflow saved my life many times too. 🙂

  2. This works great, thanks. But how can I keep the post from saying [My Name] shared an object. I’d like it to say shared an “article” or whatever the object type is.


    • Hi Aaron, unfortunately I didn’t find a way how to do it. I suspect it is not possible, but since this feature is not well documented, one can’t be sure 100%. If you find the solution please let us know. Thank you.

    • Wondering the same. Please let us know if you find any solution to this.

  3. Thank you for an almost perfect method. My post shows a small square image on the left side and the text is to the right of the image. How do I get the picture in full width?

    • Hi, this is the problem which I also experienced and it is addressed in the blog post. The white rectangle on the right side of the image shows while sharing, but once shared on the user wall it is in full width.

      • Hi, I tried applying this method as well and with the same concern. It did look well(full width image) on users wall on desktop and in android Facebook app. When checking on IOS devices(facebook site in mobile browser view as well), seems that it reverts to left image and right content display. Do you have any workaround for this? Or was I just missing something. Thanks!

        • Hi, unfortunately I don’t have access to the ios device. Maybe some of the readers can help?

    • Hi, are you sure that the image is large enough and in the correct proportion?
      The image should be at least 1200 × 630 px. And this is also the correct proportion.

    • Hi, I believe that the problem is fixed now and the article is updated.

    • Hi Manish,
      Thank you for the feedback. I am glad that this blog post was useful. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment! I am glad that this post was useful! 🙂

  4. Just a heads up, facebook has said that his method, specifically action_type: ‘og.shares’ and ‘og:image’ override have been deprecated. Don’t count on this to work consistently going forward.

    • Hi, yes, I am aware of that. Also in this post at the end is the solution which was also deprecated. But for now – it works! When it stops we will see what will be the next workaround.

  5. Thanks, for this solution.
    but, I want to change just description other content should remain as it set in meta property (like, “”). is there any way?

    • Hi. Did you try to leave out the other fields you don’t want to be changed? Or just fill them with your default values?

  6. Hello,

    I have an issue when I click the share the dialog pops up multiple times, any solution for this?

  7. This works great, thanks. But why “Share on your timeline” options is not included in share dialog?

    • Thanks! I don’t know. This is improvised solution until FB breaks it again, as they did the solution before that one.

  8. Hi, I have a catalog page where i am showing a list of cars based on user search. Each car has its own image. There is a details page which takes url like DetailsPage.aspx?carid=335 and shows the details of car along its image. My requirement is that i want a facebook share button on the catalog page against each car. If there are 10 search results, there will be 10 share buttons one for each car. The share dialog should display the image of car being shared. My js code is

    url: ‘//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js’,
    dataType: ‘script’,
    cache: true,
    success: function (script, textStatus, jqXHR)
    appId: ‘829751380567168’,
    xfbml: true,
    version: ‘v2.11’
    and meta tags on the details page are :

    Can someone guide me how to share image of each car on FB Share dialog.

    • Hi! From what I understand, I think you don’t need the solution from this post. Since each of your cards have a unique landing page, can you just share that link, and FB should be able to get the data from card unique landing page og: meta data. Solution from this post is useful if you want to share same page (url) with different data (image description).

  9. This is super helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this. I was wondering, have you ever been able to replicate this for Twitter and the Twitter card? I’d love to be able to do the same thing for them, as well.

    • Hi! Thanks. No, I don’t have any experience with the twitter sharing.

  10. i have problem, when i generate new image and set ‘og:image’ .
    the new image not appear.
    i need help

  11. Thanks .. This code work for me

    sir i want the Post id after the post how to get because in response it return blank string


  12. Hi,
    Really this is wonderful, Great Job.
    And i face one issue.
    If Anybody found the solution for replacing object with link
    In the above way time line shows “Rio shared an object on testApp.”
    But other website share display “Rio shared a link.”
    plz help me

    • Hi! Thank you. But I don’t know the solution to this problem. 🙁

    • Hi,
      Sorry, I didn’t experience your problem. Popup from the demo in this post closes after publishing.

  13. If I use “share_open_graph” I’m not able to share to the page I manage. Any options I’m missing?

      • The share image is smaller and to the left when it is one of the custom images. When you click “share with original og:meta data” the image is the full width. It seems with some recent changes from FB you no longer can override the full size image perhaps.

        • Hi Daniel,
          Rob also reported this problem, but I am unable to replicate it. For me it is still working correctly.
          Facebook is known to test different “features” or fixes partially – some users will get the features sooner and some later. So, since I can’t replicate the problem – I can’t fix it. Sorry. 🙁

        • Hi, finally I managed to reproduce the small image problem – but for now I didn’t find the solution yet. 🙁

        • Hi, I believe that the problem is fixed now and the article is updated. Can you please test is it working for you now?

  14. In my case og meta tags are not changing dynamically.Whenever i click on share button, it shares the same image,description,title.

    • Hi Mohit! Does this example works in your browser: http://drib.tech/fbsharetest/quiz.html .
      If so, view the source and try to replicate the solution. If not please tell us in which browser and OS you are having the problems.
      Also, try to make simple test case independent of your main web project – that might also help you to debug the problem since there is much less variables that can influence the outcome.

  15. this is not working for me
    and also when I placed code to my site I am getting error
    (Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.)

    but all urls is in facebook and whitelisted

  16. Thanks for this! I got it to work but have a problem with how its posting. See screenshot here https://imgur.com/o8qkzfY
    Basically its showing image on the left and text on the right. Did it for your example and the current project I’m working on now too. I’m on PC and its very strange cause 2 other team members also on PC see it with the full width image. I’ve tried setting ‘og:image:width’: ‘1200’, ‘og:image:height’: ‘630’ but it doesn’t do anything… Any help?

    • But in your example when I click “Share with original og:meta data” it displays full width. Strange…

    • Hi Rob,
      I saw your screenshot, but I can’t replicate that. When I try to share it shows the the big picture. It has some white space on the right, but then, after it is shared, on the wall it is full width.
      Sorry I don’t know what could be a problem. 🙁

  17. Drib, thanks a lot for that !
    I was reading this article a few days ago and everything worked fine. Today, when trying to implement it, I found out that something weird is happening with the images in the share dialog. They are sometimes shrinked by Facebook without reason. This happens on your quiz.htm page too. The funny story is that it seems this behaviour is linked to your FB account. When I try with my main FB account, everything is fine. When I switch to my test FB account, a square image is used.
    Anyone else is experiencing this ?

    • Hi Rodi,
      Yes, some people also experienced this. (It is in the comments.) Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this problem. My guess is that facebook is partially changing existing functionality and that change is still not propagated to all users. For now we can hope that somebody else who is experiencing this problem will find a way to fix it, or that I will be able to reproduce it and hopefully fix it.

  18. Hi! Thanks, it works fine!
    But maybe you know how to override ‘caption: overrideCaption,’
    Seems like they do not provide new properties in Open Graph for this?

  19. About the shrinking of images, according to something I found on stackoverflow (and according to facebook as well), the images of the apps with the category of games should be 600 x 600 px. So I think facebook automatically shrinks the images for those with the category of games. When I changed the category of my app to education, the images are now shown in large mode, even those I already posted.

    source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45091741/fb-ui-with-share-open-graph-method-displays-small-image-only

  20. PS: Thank you very much for this post. This helped me a lot.

  21. Hi Drib,

    I copied your working code (from view source), changed the APP ID but I’m also getting this error:

    (Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.)

    Yes, APP ID is valid and I listed the domain as required by Facebook

    • Hi Keme, it is hard to guess what might be a problem. The listed domains are entered without http:// or https:// ? Do you have any facebook alerts for that app?

  22. Hi! I am having a problem regarding the shared object. The image is not displaying. It’s only a white box.

    • Hi. Sorry I can’t reproduce this problem. Maybe you can provide more info, also asking the question on stackoverflow is an good idea because there is much more visitors then here.

  23. Thank you very much, for your detailed working code.

    Any idea how I can do the same for WhatsApp share buttons to have different images on the same web page

    • Hi Ofer, Thank you for your comment. No, I don’t have any previous experience with WhatsApp share buttons.

  24. Thanks for your example. I tried it on a project and copied your code, but i keep getting the class “hidden_elem” on description in the share window. Can’t find a solution. Do you have a suggestion?

    • Thanks, but unfortunately I didn’t came across this problem before. Sorry. 🙁

      • If I use action_type: ‘og.shares’ instead of action_type: ‘og.likes’ the description appears. The layout is a little different though, but i can live with that :).
        Thanks again!

  25. Thanks for the article. It was very useful!
    I had the same problem with the size of the override image.
    The change trick ‘og:shares’ for ‘og:likes’, it did not work for me.
    But I have solved it by adding the parameter: ‘og:updated_time’: new Date().toISOString().

    • Thank you for the feedback and the advice. I will included in the article if you don’t mind. Thanks! 🙂

  26. Hi, thanks for the article, it was really helpful. Is there a way to make it available for sharing also on facebook messenger?

  27. getting this error message from facebook
    “Object Missing a Required Value: Object at URL ” of type ‘object’ is invalid because a required property ‘og:title’ of type ‘string’ was not provided.”

    How do i fix it

  28. Hi there. Thanks for this code. I have set it up at http://meta-update.socialinfluenza.com/share-fb. I have created an app in FB and it is live. I added my FB app ID in both required sections of your code, but I still get errors. 1) When I do the quiz and submit my answer, I get “The parameter app_id is required”. 2) When I click “Share with original og:meta data”, I get “Invalid App ID: The provided app ID does not look like a valid app ID.” I am using the FB app ID provided by them. Any ideas on howto fix this? Thanks.

    • Hi Ted, I think your other js are affecting my example. Specifically this one: http://meta-update.socialinfluenza.com/js/common.js . It also calls fbAsyncInit but without app id and with api version v2.2, while you are using v3.0 for my example.
      And if you take a look of the url of your share dialog you will notice url: “https://www.facebook.com/v2.2/dialog/share?app_id=&channel_url=http” containing v2.2 and not v3.0 -> which means the common.js is overriding example js.
      So try to remove common.js and also check your other js that you are including in the page.

  29. Work like charm. Thank you to save my time!!! Awesome

  30. Hi, thanks for this great article.

    can this example work with regualr website and not faceboot app?
    i want to DOM the og:image meta after the page loads with JS so i use:

    $(‘meta[property=og\\:image]’).attr(‘content’, newImageUrl);

    the problem is facebook ignors the DOM by reading only the original HTML
    how can i make him reload mata tags after page load?

    • Hi Daniel,
      Unfortunately you can’t. That’s why I wrote this article after lots of researching and experimentation. 🙂 You can change the meta data on the server side based on some get parameters. Except that I can’t think of any other option.

  31. to resolve the image problem, you can set “og:image:width” and “og:image:height”

    • Hi Gustavo,
      Good advice, but it didn’t help. I already have meta tags with og:image:width and og:image:height. But the problem is when we want to share different data then in meta tags. I tried to put og:image:width and og:image:height in action_properties object, but it didn’t do any difference.
      (In the meanwhile I discovered that using action_type: ‘og.likes’ instead of action_type: ‘og.shares’ will display bigger image).

  32. Nice solution. But I want to share on Timeline i.e. on my creating Facebook page, like when I click on share with original og:meta data (http://drib.tech/fbsharetest/quiz.html). It did not appear on click submit answer.
    Please give solution.

  33. Hi Great post, But I have an issue, when I sharing the post images it is small in preview and also after posting in facebook

    As per fb standards I’m using the image size morethan 600px ie: 800 x 398 my image resolution. But always it smaller for e.g https://imgur.com/o8qkzfY

  34. Wise, like Yoda, my man you are!! Thanks for this great article! Was having huge troubles with this. Much appreciated!

  35. Btw, I was also having issues with the image displaying small on the left. The way I resolved this was to actually swop the
    ‘og:likes back to ‘og:shares’. Not sure which is the correct one, I guess anyone can just try either or and see what works

    • I was tried with both og.likes and og.shares but in both cases, it is smaller in size. Please any one can give me a solution for this.

    • This works for me. i originally use og.likes, the result si small image. Then i change to og.shares. and it display full width image

    • It turns out that my solution only works for just some user. When i logged in with different account, it still display the small image even when i change to both og.likes and og.shares. Now i am confused.

      Can anyone solve this problem?

    • Updated info. When you check on the mobile apps, it turns out just fine. the image is full width. the small image only apply on website and mobile web. So it’s fine with me. thanks for this article

  36. i have used code but when i change contain title and share it show me error “Graph returned an error: This authorization code has been used.”

    How can i fixed it.

    please reply me on my email as soon as possible.


  37. Hello drib,
    i have use this code but when i share it show me in feed share view how can i share with large size image. please reply me as soon as possible on my email.


  38. Hello Drib,
    Thanks for the document. After doing all the changes you mentioned, If I open my link in a new tab, it is popping up nicely with the title and image and I am able to post my page in Facebook. But what I need is if my share my page link it show meta-information like the title and images. Looks like the og:url hasn’t take any effort, even the FB’s open graph dubugger shows there is no og:title or og:image in the page. The title and image should show when I am pasting the URL in WhatsApp or Facebook, how should I fix this, please advice

  39. Hello people 🙂 For those who are wondering how to get rid of the message [Nils] likes an object on TestApp, the solution which I found above in the comments is to use action_type: ‘og.shares’ instead of action_type: ‘og.likes’. The layout is a little different though, but it’s ‘better’ than likes an object message…

    • My bad… it’s not displayed anymore in the popup, but on the feed it still shows like ‘Nils likes an object on TestApp’ 🙁 if someone finds a solution for this, please share it 😀

  40. In response to Developer Kre about getting the post-id in the response. According to the FB docs:

    Only available if the user is logged into your app using Facebook and has granted publish_actions. If present, this is the ID of the published Open Graph story.

    And, FB have killed the publish_actions permission, so it will always be an empty list until they provide some other way to allow you access to this data.

  41. And, finally – if anyone is trying to do this using the react-facebook-sdk npm package. You’ll want the below:

    class App extends Component {
    render() {
    const action_properties = JSON.stringify({
    object: {
    'og:url': 'http://example.com',
    'og:title': 'Your Title',
    'og:description': 'Your description',
    'og:image': 'http://example.com/image.jpg',

    return (



    • Hi PandaMaker,

      Thank you for reporting this. It did work before (TM). I am a little bit busy at this moment, but I will investigate as soon as possible.

  42. Delete previous comment for typo

    Using og.likes
    – Firefox: postage stamp image
    – Chrome: full width image
    Using og.shares
    – Firefox: full width image
    – Chrome: postage stamp image

  43. Hi. I am using php, and all I want to do is to dynamic change the og image.
    Do you suppose I could do that.
    I have tried several manipulations but I am not being able to override the og image

  44. Is it possible to add the meta tags on the fly? What I mean is for the meta tags to be not hard coded but added on the fly? I know it is possible to dynamically create meta tags and then add them to the Dom. But the question is will the meta tag work or take effect?

    • Hi, It will not work with Javascript on the client side (browser). It will work if you generate different meta tags on the server side. For example with php depending on the get params.

  45. Does the image size still work for you drip?, It does not for me, when I try your working example

  46. Hello there;
    great share mate thanks;
    I’m building idea where i want to share a random image in the OG for Facebook each time my link shared there; without the action it self ; meaning each time anyone type the URL a random picture from the site will appear, in the PHP side i did that with no problem, the link can be changer for the og:image, but still Facebook share the same image always.
    how could i apply your idea without the click button action ?!! is that possible .

  47. og.shares vs og.likes, both display a small image. There is any other things that I can do to display a full image?

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the problem that you reported. So I can’t help you. Sorry.

  48. Is it possible to share multiple images ? It is required for og:image to accept an array of images/photos.

    • Hi Kirti, Unfortunately I don’t know. Maybe some of the readers can help?

  49. Hey Drib! It appears in facebook that I am “sharing an object”. How can I change that? Any solutions? Thanks!

    • Thank you, and all the best in 2019 to you too. 🙂 If I understand the question, I think it is possible. I don’t see the significant difference between sharing the quiz result (different image and description according to the selected answer) and sharing the different image and description according to the clicked button.

  50. og.shares vs og.likes, both display a small image. There is any other things that I can do to display a full image?

    • Unfortunately, not to my knowledge. Check the comments, various readers had different success with this two techniques. Are you sure that your image is big enough?

  51. Thank you for your explanation
    I want to change og:url with some custom url and also want my custom image.
    when I use some url not ‘window.location.href’ , the thumbnail img is overrided by that of url’s meta img.
    briefly, i want to redirect to “https://some_example.com” with posting yoda img
    Is there any solution?

  52. Hi, thank you for great code!
    I have solution for that small square image problem. In Facebook developer site, change APP Category for example to “Business and pages”, it will change view. I try to use category “Games” and that will show small square image only.

    • Do I need to change anything in code? I tried both categories “Business and pages” and “Education” and it’s still small size.

  53. Hi Drib thanks for your nice post.Its works perfectly. But (action_type: og.shares) dailog box not showing Share on your timeline option. please help me.

  54. Hi! I see a difference between original method and override one : in original, you can choose (in popup window) to share like on another page, but with override, it is not possible.
    Do you know syntax to do this ?

  55. Hi good day. You have a great website my friend

    I have a problem that I have not been able to solve and I would like to know your opinion, I have a site where I share photos of my work and I would like to share all the elements of social plugin by dynamic url, but I have not succeeded.

    The code I use is:

    myFunction () {function
    var x = document.URL;
    document.getElementById (“FriendsBox”). src = ‘https://www.facebook.com/plugins/share_button.php?href=’+x+’&layout=button_count&size=large&mobile_iframe=true&appId=2443114475702112&width=110&height=28’;

    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi,
      I don’t know how you are using myFunction, but I tried manually to recreate your link and paste it to the browser. It didn’t work, word “error” is displayed.
      But his one works when I c/p to the browser:
      (just replace app_id and href and redirect_uri with your x)

      Try to debug your function. put console.log to see what is value of x, and to check did you in fact retrieve the element with id FriendsBox.

  56. Hi,

    Thnx for this article.
    Everything is working fine. But when i used to share something in facebook without logged into facebook its asking login and after login it’s getting site can’t be reached.
    if i already have loggedin somewhere and used to share then it’s working.
    Can you please tell me what i did mistake..??

    Thanks in advance.

  57. Great article, everything works perfectly fine for me except for the image size is shrinking. I’ve changed the app category to education/business, I’ve tried og:shares and og:likes, and I’ve specific the og:image:width and the og:image:height, but nothing works. The image is still shrunk.

    • Hi,
      Thank you. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this behaviour so I can’t work on the solution. Maybe some of the readers can help you out?
      Best regards

  58. Drib, this is a great article, I am trying to write a script fro a drupal module, the metatag module for Drupal will insert the og values into the page, 90% of the time, the data is available as the page is loaded, however there are times when the values are empty because the values are just not there (depending upon the content type), what I am trying to discover is this.

    If a page that I know is going to provide an empty value, would using this script allow me to inject elements from the page?

    for instance,

    A page is generated, there is no image that has been provided by the page for og:image, using javascript I can reference a specific image on the page and place that into your script, would the OG then reference the new injected image, or provide a blank value?

    At this time I am working on the script and may have an answer before you can get back to me (if I do I will put what i find on here) but in your experience would this work?

    Many thanks

    • I also forgot to ask, what is the main difference between changing the action types from shares to likes? I belive that my client is looking for ‘shares’ rather than ‘likes’

      • Hi, it is improvisation to force facebook to show big shared image. Some readers reported that likes will show smaller image while shares will show big image.

    • Hi, thank you. This script would allow you to share any image of your choice after the page is loaded, it doesn’t matter if there is image in the meta og:image field or if meta og:image field is empty. So, yes it would work.

  59. Hi! can we see the Settings of your app in Facebook developer? Maybe it has something to do with that.

    • Hi, I checked my settings, and there is nothing that can influence the image. I just filled the minimum data I needed. Nothing special. For category I selected “Education”.

  60. Hi, do we need certain permissions for our facebook app for this to work, or just the ID?
    So we I go through App Review what permissions do I need to request?

  61. Hi there, thanks for this awesome article @drib. I have a blocker though, I implemented the functionality which only worked for 2 days. When I try to share, I now get this error Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive. from Facebook. This is not true because my app is not yet live and the articles I share don’t last 10 minutes before I delete them. And If I try to share directly without using dynamic data it also works. The Facebook debugger tool doesn’t also throw any error when I pass in my app’s URL.

  62. Thank you so much for this post! I am trying to emulate the sharing functionality on Buzzfeed where you can share a single image from a long post. I have the overrides in place (thanks again) for the og:meta but I need to be able to add a quote when the user shares. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Hi there! This blog post could not be written any better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll forward this post to him.

    Pretty sure he will have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  64. I’m using react and I’ve got TS error. Can anyone help with it ? If I change method to ‘share’ there is no error.
    TypeScript error: Type ‘”share_open_graph”‘ is not assignable to type ‘”canvas_editor”‘. TS2322

    72 | FB.ui(
    73 | {
    > 74 | method: ‘share_open_graph’,
    | ^
    75 | action_type: ‘og.likes’,
    76 | action_properties: JSON.stringify({
    77 | object: {

    whole function:
    shareOverrideOGMeta = (
    overrideLink: string,
    overrideTitle: string,
    overrideDescription: string,
    overrideImage: string
    ) => {
    method: ‘share_open_graph’,
    action_type: ‘og.likes’,
    action_properties: JSON.stringify({
    object: {
    ‘og:url’: overrideLink,
    ‘og:title’: overrideTitle,
    ‘og:description’: overrideDescription,
    ‘og:image’: overrideImage
    function(response: any) {

  65. This is not working. Og meta tags are not changing in facebook.

  66. We tried to implement the solution you share in this blog post, and it is not working. Your sample page is not working either – : http://drib.tech/fbsharetest/quiz.html. No matter what we choose, it always shows the same image. Can you re-check your solution? It looks like Facebook changed how something is working.

    Here’s what we’ve found. If we specify the og:title, og:description, and og:image data, they work as expected. The moment we supply og:url, it ignores all of the above data and only uses what Facebook can scrape from the page itself.

  67. Hello,

    share_open_graph is no longer working.

    Apparently it is scraping the meta og:url by default

    • It seems Facebook changed something on their side. At the moment I don’t have a new solution.

    • Yes, unfortunatly this solution doesn’t work any more. I still didn’t find way around it.

  68. This was working like charm before, sadly fb changed something i guess. It would be great if you can find another solution for this, thanks.

  69. This was working like a charm before but i guess fb changed something .Anyways i hope you can post another solution for this, thanks .

    • Yes, it stopped working. 🙁 For now I still didn’t find how to fix it. Sorry.

    • Unfortunatly this solution doesn’t work any more. I still didn’t find a way around it.

  70. It’s strange that such corporation as Facebook can not provide a stable way to implement “dynamic share” functionality in SPAs or some sort of backward compatibility for the older implementations.

    • Hi, maybe they don’t wont such feature to exist, in fear that people might abuse it and share data which doesn’t have anything in common with the content of the page.

    • Actually, I think the information is in the meta tags. So, I’m wrong. Sorry about that.

  71. Olá, tenho uma aplicação em angular 2, e até abril também estava funcionando este método de envio com open_graph. Acredito que neste caso a única forma agora seria realizando a utilização de metatags og fixas no html? Já se sabe de algum contorno ou solução para resolver o problema identificado em 30.04.2019?

    • Hi Alisson, my apologies for the late response. No, I still didn’t find the new workaround. 🙁

  72. Hi drib, I am trying to pass image, title and description with og tags, but when fb popup opens it does not work. even the token has all data in url, which i am passing through og tags, and one more think I also want to do same for linkedin share button, could you please help if possible for linkedin too the dynamic approach to add og tags and can we pass multiple images with og:image dynamically? please help.

    • Hi sandeep, Unfortunately, method described in this post stoped working after fb did some changes. As is now, new workaround is not known. 🙁 I decided to leave the post online with the disclaimer at the top in hope it might use as a starting point to solve the problem.
      Of course, I did tried to find the new solution, but for now I was unsuccessful.

  73. Basically, I believe you can use php to render the image url for the meta og:image before the page load.

    • Yes, but with your method we can’t have different image for the same url.

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