Griffin Elevator laptop stand a short review

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I have small, irregular – cashew shaped working table. And there is really not enough space for full-size mechanical keyboard, mouse and a laptop (monitor is already on the wall). Keyboard and the laptop are always on the collision course.

So I decide to buy a laptop stand, after short research I selected Griffin Elevator laptop stand. It is aluminum, elegant, minimalistic, comes in wide variety of colors (black, silver, gold and space grey). And, most importantly – its base is not large – so it will reduce laptop footprint and take less desk real-estate.

It comes disassembled in a small(ish) box. Assembly process is easy and tool free.

Although is targeted at the Apple users – it is more then firm to hold my Dell 15” Inspiron gaming laptop.

Its base is about 26*23 cm, while laptop size is about 39*27 cm – and that makes all the difference. I can finally put the keyboard in the ideal position, now when laptop is not in the way. Raised laptop screen is more comfortable to look at. I even removed the top arms clips – since the Elevator’s grip pads have enough, well, grip. 🙂

If you already don’t have a laptop stand – I highly recommend the Elevator.

Key points

  • Base size: 26*23 cm (10.2*9 in)
  • Raise: 14 cm (5.5 in)
  • Minimum laptop width: 25.4cm (10 in)
  • Material: aluminum hands,  sticky rubber skid-free pads, semi-transparent bottom bar
  • 360 degree air circulation for your laptop

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